KEC Industrial - India   Power Generating Plants, Electric Power Transmission Lines Distribution And Substations, Telecommunications, Railway System  
  LS Industrial Systems, Korea   Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Solutions, Railways and Traffic Management, Automation Systems and Controls  


  A. Steel Towers / Poles   KEC Internationl Limited, India
ICOMM Tele LTD., India
Hammtek Asia, Korea
  B. Power Conductors / Overhead
    Ground Wired / Optical Fiber
  LS Cable Ltd, South Korea
LS Vina Cables, Vietnam
NSW, Germany
Phelps Dodge, Philippines
  C. Line Insulators   NGK, Japan
Mac Clean, USA/China
Aditya Birla Insulators, India
  D. Transmission Line Hardware   Shanghai Yonggu Electric Material Ltd., China
Nanjing Terui, ChinaTyco/Dulmison, Thailand
Preformed Line Products(PLP), USA & Thailand
  E. Live Line Tools & Stringing Equipment   Chungwoo, Korea  


  A. Power Transformers   Siemens, Germany/China
Fortune Electric Co. Ltd., Taiwan
Sanil Electric Co. Ltd, Korea
Crompton Greaves/Pauwels, India
  B. Power Circuit Breaker   Alstom, France/ USA
Siemens, Germany/ China
Crompton Greaves Ltd., India
LS Industrial Systems, Korea
FWI Electric, Japan
  C. Disconnect / Earthing Switches   Siemens, Germany
Elpro, India
  D. Instrument Transformers
(Current/Voltage/Capacitor Voltage)
  Trench, Germany
Crompton Greaves Ltd, India
Alstom, France/ USA
  E. Surge Arrester   Siemens, Germany/China
Alstom, France/USA
Elpro, India
Crompton Greaves Ltd., India
  F. Metal Clad Switchgear   LS Industrial Systems, Korea
Chung-Hsin Power Systems, Korea
Pomaco, Malaysia
  G. Station Service Transformer   Sanil Electric Co., Ltd., Korea
Fortune Electric Co., Ltd., Korea
  H. Steel Structures   Hansei Corporation, Philippines  
  I. Bus Conductors and Hardwares   Shanghai Yonggu Electric Materials Ltd., China
Sandong, Korea
LS Cable Ltd., Korea
Apor Industries, Korea
Phelps Dodge Phils Energy Products Corp., Philippines
  J. Station Post Insulator   NGCK/Lockie, USA
Mc Lean, USA/China
Aditya Birla Insulators, India
Dalian Insulators, China
  K. Grounding System   Shanghai Yonggu Electric Materials Ltd., China
Preformed Line Products, Thailand/USA
Alcoa, USA
Joselyn Forge, USA
  L. AC & DC Station Auxiliary
  LS Industrial Systems, Korea
Chung-Hsin Power System, Taiwan
  M. Battery System   Hoppecke, Germany
Exide, Singapore
  N. Battery Charger   Chloride, Germany  
  O. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)   Chloride, Germany  
  P. Lighting System   AURA, IRIS, Isolite (HK) Limited
AEL Appleton, USA
  Q. Conduit and Cable Tray System   MCGill, USA
NICHI, Philippines
Hansei Corporation, Philippines
  R. Emergency Diesel Generators Sets   Elcos, Italy
Denyo, Japan
Hyundai, Korea
Daewoo, Korea
  S. Compact Air Insulated Switchgear   Siemens, Germany/ China
Alstom, France/ USA
Fuji Electric Ltd., Japan
LS Industrial Systems, Korea
Chung-Hsin Power Systems
  T. Insulating Oil Treatment Plant   Alstom, France
Chung-Hsin Power Systems
  U. Gas Insulated Substation   Fuji Electric Ltd., Japan
Alstom Grid, France
Siemens, Germany
  V. Power Shunt Reactors   Fuji Electric Ltd., Japan
Fortune Electric Co., Ltd., Taiwan
Siemens, Germany/China
  W. HV Shunt Power Capacitors   Samwha Capacitor, Korea  


  A. Substation Protection System   Alstorm Grid, France
Siemens, Germany
Sifang, China
  B. Line Protection System   Siemens, Germany
Alstom Grid, France
Nari, China
  C. Network Disturbance Monitoring
  Siemens, Germany
Sifang China
Alstom, France
Nari, China
Qualitrol, Italy
  D. Protection Signalling Equipment   Siemens, Germany
Sifang China
  E. Protective Relay Test System   Nari, China
Sifang China
  F. Protection Management System   Siemens, Germany
Narj, China
Sifang China


  A. Substation Automation Siemens   Sifang, China
Siemens, Germany
Qualitrol, Italy
  B. Main Control Switchboard   Sifang, China
LS Industrial Systems, Korea
Chung Hsin Power Systems, Taiwan
  C. Remote Terminal Unit   Siemens, Germany  
  D. Closed Circuit Television System   Axis Technologies, Singapore  
  E. Access Control & Alarm
Monitoring System
  Axis Technologies, Singapore  
  F. Building Management System   i3 Technologies, Philippines  


  A. Fiber Optic Equipment   Siemens Germany
Nokia, Norway
ZTT, China
  B. Microwave Radio Equipment   Siemens, Germany
Qualitrol, Italy
  C. Power Line Carrier Equipment   Siemens, Germany
Alstom, France
  D. Telephone Equipment   Siemens, Germany  
  E. UHV Equipment   Nokia, Norway  
  F. Antenna Towers   ICOMM Tele Ltd., India
KEC International Ltd, India
  G. Fiber Optic Cable   LS Cable Ltd., Korea
Prysmian Cable, Spain
ZTT, China